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Market research firm Nielsen just released a list of the top 12 books that booksellers "cannot afford not to stock." The U.K.'s Telegraph notes that the works of Jane Austen, The Lord of the Rings…

August 12, 2008 | Filed under: Bookselling


Over at The Tyee, Shannon Rupp has posted a lengthy response to a recent New York Times piece about bibliophiles judging potential mates by their reading material. Using a booklist to divine a man's character…

April 11, 2008 | Filed under: Book news


It's been five years now since Dan Brown's insanely popular The Da Vinci Code was published, and a lot of publishing industry types are getting antsy waiting for the follow-up, which is purported to be…

January 25, 2008 | Filed under: Book news


German journalist and author Gunter Wallraff has been trying to get permission to read from Salman Rushdie's infamous novel The Satanic Verses in a mosque in Cologne, but has so far been denied permission. From…

September 27, 2007 | Filed under: Book news


George Orwell, in his essay "Confessions of Book Reviewer," wrote that "until one has some kind of professional relationship with books one does not discover how bad the majority of them are." He saw this…

May 7, 2007 | Filed under: Book news, Opinion