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Youth and inexperience won the day in the English-language categories of the 22nd annual Trillium Book Awards luncheon, which took place earlier this afternoon in Toronto. The $20,000 English Book Award went to The Wi...

June 16, 2009 | Filed under: Awards


Earlier this week, Q&Q Omni reported on a few Canadian publishers and authors who are trying out the free-digital-download model. Now House of Anansi Press has announced that it's doing the same thing. Unlike othe...

May 22, 2008 | Filed under: Book news

By Leanne Delap and Serena French

Newcomers to Toronto pick up on three things very quickly: only tourists and newscasters enunciate the final syllable – the locals say something much closer to “Tronno”; the flashing green traffic light definitely doe...

March 2, 2004 | Filed under: Reference