Quill and Quire


By Martha Brooks

Young adult novels often seem under-populated. Like low-budget TV dramas, they feature two or three protagonists, a stripped-down set, empty streets, and a few stock characters in the background to prop up the plot. Many ... Read More »

July 4, 2007 | Filed under: Book news

By Angie Abdou

B.C. writer Angie Abdou chronicles the rise and fall of swimmer Sadie Jorgensen and wrestler Tom “Digger” Stapleton in her first novel, The Bone Cage. A tale of two athletes, The Bone Cage alternates between ... Read More »

July 3, 2007 | Filed under: Fiction: Novels

By David Jones

Returning to the African savannah where they study baboons, 14-year-old Gerry and his biologist parents go down in a plane crash. When Gerry awakens, his parents are gone and he is transformed. Suddenly, he is ... Read More »

June 18, 2007