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Book Launch: Meredith Quartermain and Colin Browne

The event, On Location: Two Artists and Three Writers, is a conversation with artists Rebecca Bayer and Laura Kozak, curators of the Hadden Park Map Exchange, writer and filmmaker Colin Browne, author ofThe Hatch, and poet and fiction writer Meredith Quartermain, author of I, Bartleby. Browne and Quartermain will read from their new books.

Book Launch: Bill Kinsella

Bill Kinsella has a new book.

Guest welcome, please confirm your attendance. Do bring stories, photos or anecdotes, as one of the attendees will be Bill’s official biographer, Willie Steele from Oklahoma.

Book Launch: David Balzer and Margaux Williamson

David Balzer, art critic, and Margaux Williamson, painter, will chat with one another about their new books at the Toronto Reference Library’s Hinton Learning Theatre on Tuesday, May 26. They will also discuss art, art books, curation, the relationship between artist, curator and popular culture, and if ‘curation’ itself still holds any value.