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Date posted:
November 06, 2012

Deadline for applicants: November 23, 2012

Director of Publisher Engagement

eBOUND Canada

Reporting to the President and CEO, the Director of Publisher Engagement will show initiative and provide leadership in three streams of business development and capacity-building: brokering collective opportunities for marketing and discoverability on partner retail and wholesale platforms and other outlets as they become relevant; development of client publishers’ engagement with eBOUND; and information-gathering and dissemination to provide market and technical intelligence to member publishers.

About eBOUND

The mandate of eBOUND is to provide digital services to independent publishers.

These services fall into three broad categories:

  1. Collective purchase of digital services
  2. Collective licensing of ebook content
  3. Dissemination of market and technical intelligence.

The responsibilities of the Director of Publisher Engagement in supporting this mandate fall into the following interrelated categories:

Development of Client Publishers' Engagement

  1. Engaging with clients either in person, by teleconference or through surveys to understand their challenges and to develop executable business plans to overcome those challenges.
  2. Engaging in the business development cycle in order to acquire new client publishers or have existing clients expand their usage.
  3. Resolving client issues as they relate to their engagement in eBOUND services or products.
  4. Writing press releases and other internal or external communication.
  5. Monitoring media (old and new) for issues related to digital publishing, digital marketing, new business models and markets, and communicating relevant information to staff and publishers through various eBOUND vehicles which may include weekly and monthly newsletters, websites, email bulletins, blog postings and social media.
  6. Assisting the technical team in researching digital based market opportunities, including new channels, possible distributors, suppliers, and partners, and optimal technical standards.
  7. Develop such branding elements, marketing materials or programs as needed to support eBOUND’s efforts to add new clients or to increase engagement by existing members.
  8. Other duties as may be assigned.


  • Increase Clients engagement in eBOUND products or services.
  • Clients identify eBOUND services as a reliable and place a high value on them resulting in client retention.
  • Maintaining eBOUND as a highly valued brand in the Canadian digital publishing space and increasing its global reach
  • Expanding the relevance of eBOUND’s products and services to meet the changing needs of digital publishing and the ebook marketplace

Brokering Collective Marketing and Discoverability Opportunities

  1. Brokering of collective initiatives including but not limited to marketing and merchandising opportunities with partner retailers and wholesalers worldwide.
  2. Managing each channel relationship in order to seek out discoverability opportunities either with the editorial / merchandising staff or with the technical team.
  3. Developing relationships with the ACP’s Trade and Children’s committees and its member publishers to develop an awareness of the content they are producing and any marketing initiatives.
  4. Monitoring digital marketing and discoverability initiatives in the marketplace and assist in developing new ideas for eBOUND and its members.
  5. Other duties as may be assigned.


  • Expanding the reach and impressions of eBOUND collective marketing and discoverability campaigns.
  • Increasing eBOUND’s profile and presence with vendors to be seen as the repository for independent Canadian content.
  • Providing tools, information and intelligence to members to increase their ability to digitally market their content.
  • Experiment with new marketing and discoverability techniques.
  • Provide data and commentary on the results of each initiative to client publishers

Publisher Professional Development and Industry Education

  1. Developing and managing eBOUND’s professional development program.
  2. Generating opportunities for eBOUND to present information to other publishing associations or at industry conferences.
  3. Responding to publisher questions and concerns and liaising with member publishers.
  4. Write or commission content for tutorials or other content in support of the Professional Development program.
  5. Other duties as may be assigned.


  • Increase clients’ capacity to participate in e-book publishing
  • Clients identify eBOUND as most valuable source of current information on e-publishing
  • Eligible publishers are prompted to join ACP and/or eBOUND
  • eBOUND staff remain up-to-date on e-publishing developments

General Administration

  1. Assist in the writing of grant applications.
  2. Assist in the preparation of budgets and forecasts for internal and external usage.
  3. Assist in the preparation of reporting to internal and external stakeholders.
  4. Other duties as may be assigned.


  • To secure funding for future projects
  • To increase eBOUND’s back end infrastructure to support operations
  • To maintain transparency and engagement through our reporting to our stakeholder community


  • Mid to senior level B2B and B2C marketing experience, preferably in the publishing industry
  • Experience in budgeting and forecasting and being accountable for a sales target
  • Mid to senior level B2B business development and negotiations experience
  • Experience resolving complex customer issues
  • Project management experience

Preference will be given to candidates having the following skills:

  • Event production experience
  • Professional development course design experience
  • SaaS vendor experience
  • Technology experience including web design and production, HTML coding or ebook design and production
  • Closing Date

    Resumes accompanied by a cover letter detailing why you are eBOUND’s next Director of Publisher Engagement will be accepted by email to until 5pm Friday November 23rd, 2012. Only those candidates who most closely meet our requirements will be contacted for an interview. We thank all applicants in advance for their interest.

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