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By Sue Carter Flinn
September 10, 2012
2:53 PM

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ChiZine launches new YA imprint, ChiTeen

Young adults with a penchant for macabre fiction will soon have more Canadian titles to chose from, as Toronto’s ChiZine Publications launches a new imprint, ChiTeen.

ChiZine co-publisher Sandra Kasturi says a YA line has been in the works since the horror-fiction press launched in 2009. “We do the strange, the surreal, the weird, and we want to bring that over to the teen line because that’s something teenagers really embrace,” she says.

The press had already signed up several novels suitable for a YA audience under the ChiZine line, including Daniel A. Rabuzzi’s The Choir Boats and its forthcoming sequel, The Indigo Pheasant. “We … haven’t marketed them as such,” Kasturi says. “They’ve just fallen under the general bailiwick of what we do.”

The new imprint will launch in spring 2014 with The Unlikely but Totally True Adventures of Floating Boy and Anxiety Girl, co-written by Paul Tremblay and Stephen Graham Jones. In June, ChiZine published Tremblay’s short-story collection, In the Mean Time.

ChiTeen will start small, with two titles per season, edited by the same team that works on the adult titles. To keep the imprint manageable, Kasturi and co-publisher Brett Alexander Savory are reviewing only solicited manuscripts for the rest of the 2014 season.

Kasturi says it’s likely one of those upcoming titles will be from another ChiZine author, Caitlin Sweet (The Pattern Scars). “She writes very much in the vein of the things we publish – dark and weird – and we want to maintain the sensibility,” says Kasturi.

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