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ReLit Awards announces 2013 shortlists

The ReLit Awards has abandoned its infamously thorough longlists in favour of 10-title shortlists.

Founded by writer Kenneth J. Harvey, the annual awards recognize novels, short fiction, and poetry published by Canadian independent literary presses. The winners will be presented with specially crafted ReLit rings at a date to be announced.*


  • Trobairitz, Catherine Owen (Anvil Press)
  • The Unmemntioable, Erín Moure (House of Anansi Press)
  • New and Selected Poems, Cliff Burns (Black Dog Press)
  • Conflict, Christine McNair (BookThug)
  • Riot Lung, Leah Horlick (Thistledown Press)
  • Cloudy with a Fire in the Basement, Ronna Bloom (Pedlar Press)
  • Natural Capital, Jason Heroux (Mansfield Press)
  • Our Gleaming Bones Unrobed, Grant Loveys (ECW Press)
  • Personals, Ian Williams (Freehand Books)
  • Omens in the Year of the Ox, Steven Price (Brick Books)


  • Love and the Mess We’re In, Stephen Marche (Gaspereau Press)
  • Minor Episodes Major Ruckus, Garry Thomas Morse (Talonbooks)
  • The Lava in My Bones, Barry Webster (Arsenal Pulp Press)
  • Given, Susan Musgrave (Thistledown)
  • Mount Royal, Basil Papademos (Tightrope Books)
  • Heidegger Stairwell, Kayt Burgess (Arsenal Pulp)
  • Life Is About Losing Everything, Lynn Crosbie (Anansi)
  • The Complete Lockpick Pornography, Joey Comeau (ECW)
  • Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies, James Marshall (ChiZine Publications)
  • Maidenhead, Tamara Faith Berger (Coach House Books)
  • Texas, Claudio Gaudio (Quattro Books)
  • Dirty Bird, Keir Lowther (Tightrope)
  • Husk, Corey Redekop (ECW)
  • Whitetail Shooting Gallery, Annette Lapointe (Anvil)

Short stories

  • Tracie’s Revenge & Other Stories, Wade Bell (Guernica Editions)
  • Seen Reading, Julie Wilson (Freehand)
  • People Who Disappear, Alex Leslie (Freehand)
  • Escape and Other Stories, Trevor Clark (Now or Never)
  • Dibidalen, Sean Virgo (Thistledown)
  • The Weeping Chair, Donald Ward (Thistledown)
  • Subtitles, Domenico Capilongo (Guernica)
  • How to Get Along with Women, Elisabeth De Mariaffi (Invisible Publishing)
  • Every House Is Haunted, Ian Rogers (ChiZine)

Update, Nov. 25: The awards will be presented Dec. 11.

  • The Lit Bandit

    INJUSTICE ALERT: in the Poetry category, “New and Selected Poems” by Cliff Burns is actually self-published. Black Dog Press is simply the name Mr. Burns puts on his self-published titles. As a “press”, it has only published his own works (as a quick perusal of his catalogue will prove – ) and via POD/createspace, and so couldn’t be considered an independent press by any traditional definition, I don’t think. These days, self-published writers are calling themselves “indie writers” or “indie publishers” but I think what the ReLits intend to honour is small press titles only. That is, unless they’ve opened the floodgates to self-published works?

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Book Pictures

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Eva Stachniak's Empress of the Night

Eva Stachniak poses with a copy of her book, Empress of the Night

Tea and snacks inspired by Eva Stachniak's Empress of the Night

Rimma Burashko with author Eva Stachniak

Eva Stachniak talks to the audience about the best and worst of Catherine the Great's favourites

Eva Stachniak smiles as she signs a copy of Empress of the Night for a fan

Fans wait in line to have their copies of Empress of the Night signed by Eva Stachniak

Fans wait in line to have their copies of Empress of the Night signed by Eva Stachniak

Lesley Strutt, Dean Steadman, Amanda Earl, Alastair Larwill and Frances Boyle

Frances Boyle, Dean Steadman, Lesley Strutt and Alastair Larwill

Amanda Earl

Jewel of the Thames launch

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