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Tablet tech specs: how do the iPad, Kindle Fire, and Kobo Vox compare?

All three of this year’s groundbreaking tablets – Apple’s iPad 2, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and the Kobo Vox – enable a new reading experience. Equipped with features like touch screens, dictionary apps, colour display, and WiFi connectivity to engage with reading communities, this generation of devices moves beyond the basic e-reader.

Not sure how the tablets differ or which one’s for you? This chart compares their features:

  • Bruce

    I’ve seen these battery life comparisons before but they are skewed. The iBook app on an iPad is a huge power drain. Reading a book on the iPad tends to drain a fully charged unit in substantially less than 10 hours. Oddly enough reading a book on the iPad using Kobo or Amazon does not drain the battery as quickly.

  • Joe Clark

    You can buy an iPad at a lot of places, including Staples.

    Why are audio formats – like the one absolutely no one uses or gives a shit about, Ogg – listed as features for non-iPads but not for iPads? Do you think an Apple product can’t play music?

    In what sense does the iPad not “support” ePub?

    What is the actual purpose of this table, and why is it an image? Do you not know how to mark up an HTML table?

  • Kevin ‘RawShock’ Kennedy

    It’s nice the Kobo Vox is available also in Canada. Whiel color is a great thing though, it makes me wonder if I want a media palying device over something much better on battery life just for books alone, the most recent gen. B&W Kindle. I talked to someone using one, said he owned the device over a month and had yet to charge it.

    I think I’d like to see the battery life in hours of the popular B&W eReaders as well. Kinda neat Kobo handles FLAC though, if you happen to want to use it for HQ digital music.

  • Dave

    I have to agree with Joe Clark, whoever created the table did not understand the products or their functions. It completely misses the fact that the Kobo tablet is based on Android, a big advantage, while the Kindle is proprietary.

    Out of the box, the iPad can play innumerable audio formats, likely more than the other products. If you include apps, the number is even higher.

    I would yank this table unless/until someone with a much better understanding can spend the time to make it complete/accurate. It is misleading in it’s current incarnation.

  • LJN

    You’re missing the fact that Vox also has free unlimited cloud storage and has a 32G SD slot option as well.

  • Allison MacLachlan

    To clarify, all supported file format info was taken directly from each tablet’s website. Nothing was added or deleted, for fairness and consistency. If a file format is missing here, it is because Apple, Kindle, or Kobo chose not to highlight it as a feature of their device’s tech specs. Q&Q followed suit.

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Fans wait in line to have their copies of Empress of the Night signed by Eva Stachniak

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